What kind of person/personality traits do you despise?

I hate people who are fucking creeps and don't see themselves that way. The type that will ask you to hang out "as a friend" and play stupid when you call them out for asking you on dates while you're in a relationship. "What? I was just seeing if you wanted to hang out." They pretend they're innocent/dumb and are just trying to be a pal.

No, fuck you dude. You know exactly what you're doing and you think because you're not super attractive or not very physically/sexually aggressive that it's okay. It's not.

Monday, I told a guy who has been trying (during the times he is single) to have a relationship with me since I was FOURTEEN (I'm 26) that he is inappropriate and needs to stop asking me on dates. Instead of saying okay and backing off, he argued that he is "trying to be friends". I made it clear it is inappropriate to hang out with him. Yesterday, THREE DAYS LATER, he said, "Hey, if you end up changing your mind, I'm going to __ later if you wanna come".

I was in shock. I finally told the dude to get lost instead of just declining his invitation like usual, and he didn't even listen or respect it!

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