Women who did not have a father; how did you feel growing up?

Honestly I didn't harp or think on it much day to day, it just was what it was. My mom was very present and in my town, most people's mom's were more involved with their daily school lives, being the ones home after school, etc. As I got older, as a later teenager, seeing my cousin become a father, and a wonderful one, made me realize I missed out on having a steady male figure in my daily life and the value of a dual-parent household dynamic. I have guy friends and I've had serious relationships before so I like to think I have some basic understanding of men, but men always have felt a little more foreign (for lack of a better word) to me. I'm moving in with my boyfriend and I realized recently it's the first time I'll ever live with a man day to day (platonic or romantically) and that's something none of my friends with fathers or brothers can fathom

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