What's something you have/enjoy right now because of a major decision you've made before?

I enjoy loving my body and myself more. I spent nearly two years gettin into fitness community and gym stuff, as I got my dream body I catch my ex following lewd models then later (a week) we broke up and he follows more nude only fan models after countless times of him saying he looks down on women who do those activities and makes fun of guys who look into stuff like that. For a while I felt lied to as he would called me beautiful meanwhile in his alone time eyefucking models and friends gawking at girls at the gym and online, I would compare why I wasn’t good enough because he didn’t wanna commit he would rather go back to depressing “fun” with friends, drugs alcohol, partying, while lusting for models. Funny enough when I spoke about such things his mom and SISTER told me he’s too immature to be dating me during university.

I held onto those words they spoke to me even randomly i would be told that without bringing up a sensitive topic. I don’t compare myself to the whole fake or photoshopped/edited Instagram models knowing that and how I worked hard work on myself, I’m happy with myself and how I look as I grow more with my gym physique. It’s a bit weird hearing a shit ton of compliments more than before but I feel hot, I feel happy wearing clothes I can fit in small , I’m happy I got shit in my life going more than great. All I ever wanted to do in life tho honestly was to just share that good with someone else to make happy as well.

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