Women who went through a real “teen rebellious” phase; how do you think that impacted you as an adult and when did you see your perspective on life start to shift?

I went through one, completely derailed what I could’ve accomplish… I was deemed a gifted kid, good chess player by the age of 5, fluent in 3 languages before the age of 10, I was even offered to skip classes not once but twice. It all started with me wanting to be seen as a cool kid. The need for popularity consumed me, so I became a non-practicing intellectual. I would deliberately do horrible on every test, throw random tantrums, and I became 24/7 occupied by planning the next never done before outrageous thing. Of course I still passed, even passed 12th grade with what might some call flying colours despite not attending a single class of some subjects. This clownery continued through my undergrad year, I almost never went to class and still managed to get decent grades with little to no studying and I also still graduated on time. At that point I was 21, and by the grace of the Lord my stupid teenage brain pilot started to subside and let my adult brain take the reins. I thankfully started to come back to my senses, applied and got into law school, managed to be the first of my class and overall an absolute academic weapon, currently en route to become a judge. I was able to recover from what I did to myself, but still; the damage is done.

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