Women who’s fathers were good but they passed away, how did it affect you as an individual while growing up?

Lack of direction, lack of self worth, inability to choose men of good character. I had no role model for the later parts of my life. The idea of feeling like I have to take on a lot on my own and the men I dealt with were incredibly lazy and had no motivation for life or were very abusive towards me. So I became incredibly masculine to over compensate for the lack of good men in my life. But deep down inside I just wanted to be taken care of and have a safe place to be. Safe physically, mentally, and emotionally. I struggled for years to see my worth in myself. Through copious amounts of self help books, therapy, and close friends and family holding me accountable I’ve learned to get through a lot of it. To this day I miss my dad every single day. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about him or see something that reminds me of him. He was truly the most amazing dad I could’ve ever asked for. He was kind, sweet, he taught me the best things, and I have nothing but good memories of him.

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