A child starts crying in public after you see an incident where tears seem justified. The adult with them offers no comfort and yells at them instead. What do you do?

That’s inferring a lot into the questions. So neglect does not come from one moment. Let’s say we’re at the shops .. we have all be there where the day has been long and they do the thing you said not to.. and what you said would happen did indeed happen. Surprise! So to a normal person you might need to comfort them, but to you you’re on the edge and biting your tongue not say told you so. So you huddle up the kids and make it to the car. In that time you’ve taken a breath and can give them your full attention. It all depending how your read the question and what is happening in the parent and kids life surrounding it. In no way is neglect ever acceptable. There’s an example below of a dad calling his son an idiot .. so not okay. But to someone with out kids that saw the above situation they might be asking the question op did. It’s all perspective

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