what is your opinion about pronouns other than the regular he,she,they pronouns?

I think a lot of the less widespread ones partly stem from the branching out of queer community online since a lot of us were able to find more community. I'll refer to anyone how they prefer but they are so rare I don't think many of the preferred identifiers will make it after the next century. It's not a bad thing or less real, it's just part of how language & social things work (at least how I interpret it). idk why people get so mad, it's awesome to see our marginalized demographic be able to connect because a lot of us didn't really have that as kids.

I hope that makes sense, I really just means it's a natural response to the online communities where people can be theirselves and explore that. It's only been a decade since I've been in high school & it's so much better now for queer kids generally.

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