226 words What do you think when someone uses the phrase, “you wouldn’t understand because you don’t have kids”? 250 words How did you leave an abusive family? 288 words What's something you have/enjoy right now because of a major decision you've made before? 204 words Women who’s fathers were good but they passed away, how did it affect you as an individual while growing up? 165 words Women who did not have a father; how did you feel growing up? 629 words What ruined your college experience? 229 words Women who went through a real “teen rebellious” phase; how do you think that impacted you as an adult and when did you see your perspective on life start to shift? 127 words What is your opinion about someone asking for exclusivity before sleeping together? 423 words For those who dated someone who was the bare minimum or less, where are they now? 144 words Why is it becoming more normalized for people to not get married? 155 words what is your opinion about pronouns other than the regular he,she,they pronouns? 128 words Women of Reddit: when you met the love of your life, how did it happen? 175 words A child starts crying in public after you see an incident where tears seem justified. The adult with them offers no comfort and yells at them instead. What do you do? 154 words How do you feel if people close to you forget your birthday? 175 words How do you feel comfortable asking your partner for things you need and want? 187 words What are some things you will always gatekeep? 146 words Women that gave that "nice person" a chance, how did it go? 143 words Women who have an incurable std, how does it affect your dating life? 260 words Looking back over the years, how have your dating preferences changed? 236 words What has been bothering you all day?