135 words When male strangers ask to pay for your food/drinks, do you let them? Why or why not? 159 words ladies who have always been a goody-two-shoes type and finally snapped, what happened ? what was the aftermarh ? 322 words What are some disadvantages of being attractive? 126 words What is considered the last day of a period when tracking. Do you count the brown discharge(?) Or stop when there no bleeding 146 words What’s the least awkward way to reply to “can I kiss you?” 189 words What are the early signs the person you're dating is or will become controlling? 134 words Do you forgive your parents for childhood trauma? Why or why not? 163 words For those of you who were adopted at a young age and never met your biological parents, do you have any desire to? Why or why not? 170 words Women who were invested in misguided movements, like the pro-anarexia or anti-vax movements, what caused you to reevaluate your beliefs? 176 words Women of reddit, do you believe in "you have to love yourself before you can love someone else" quote and why? 146 words Women of reddit: How do you make the doctors listen to your concern? 291 words Women that lost their dads at an early age, how do you think it impacted your life? 152 words To those with a healthy body image, how did you get where you are today? 374 words Women of reddit, when do you feel like your life truly began? 317 words What’s something a man has said/done to you that you excused/didn’t notice during the time but later realised was super creepy? 157 words Women with no immediate plans to get married or have a baby, how are your friends and family responding to this? 997 words How did you get over someone you truly loved but didn't feel the same for you? 186 words what was the ultimate turn-off of an internet crush when you met him/her in real life? 135 words What’s something that you appreciate the most in your male friends? 259 words Where is the most overhyped place you've been to?