114 words Women of Reddit, what is your relationship history? 197 words What’s the most awkward or infuriating situation you’ve ever had with an in-law? 225 words Women of Reddit, who is “that person” who is currently making life more awesome for you? 148 words What are some simple “rules” you and your partner set for a better relationship? 130 words What are some financial tips and tricks that a 20-year-old should know? 263 words Daughters of cheating fathers, how has it shaped your view of life and love? 260 words What does a healthy relationship look like? How does it feel? What behaviours does it include? 203 words What is one shock you had and you could never forget it? 124 words How long did it take you to get over a major breakup/ divorce? 131 words Women who have dandruff problems- tips on how to minimize it/does it make it harder to date? 313 words A lot of people are really insecure about their bodies, hair, face, etc. But what is the best thing you have ever heard that’s made you feel really good about yourself? 282 words What kind of compliment would you like to receive more often? 253 words People who hate their jobs...how do you get through each day? 192 words What was the creepiest encounter you’ve ever had, paranormal or not? 158 words What goal are you working towards? 189 words Women of Reddit, I'm kinda nervous about getting my first period. According to one of my older friends, it's terrible. Could any of you give me some tips and tricks on how to deal with them when they come? 855 words What's the most ridiculous thing you've been dress coded for? 187 words How did you move on from a really terrible friendship breakup? 196 words What are some things you do to pick yourself back up when life has punched and kicked you in the face? 168 words What are some things you wish you knew about dating as a teenager?