127 words Whoever thought they broke up with ‘the one’ and found someone better, how did that process happen for you? 112 words What type of exercise do you absolutely love? 152 words How did you escape a relationship with a controlling/ emotionally manipulative partner? 169 words Those who have had an encounter with the paranromal, what was it like? 137 words What small surprise has your significant other done for you that made your day vastly better? 289 words What was your "wow what a small world" experience? 590 words How do you get the confidence to travel on your own if your friends can't join you and you don't have an SO? 230 words Women with brothers, growing up did you notice any differences in how your parents raised and treated you and them? What are they? 334 words For those that tried to work things out after infidelity, did your relationship improve? Did you eventually leave or as the saying goes “once a cheater always a cheater”? 157 words How have you gotten yourself out of a pit of depression and/or anxiety? 226 words Married women: before you met your current SO, what did you imagine/expect your future spouse to be like, and how does your current spouse compare to that expectation? 160 words How has (or did) your perception of life and general attitude towards it change from when you were 18-21 to when you were 24-30? 147 words What trait (physical or personality) are you most insecure about that you believe would be a problem in the dating field or a relationship? 187 words How was (or still is) your grandma more influential than other women in your life? 613 words How has your physical appearance affected your life? 192 words Did you ever shoplift during middle or high school? How old were you, what did you steal, and when did you stop? 229 words What are the major differences between working with men and working with women? 251 words Women who have relatives the same age (siblings, cousins) where one of you became successful and the other one unsuccessful, what happened? 140 words Married Women, how do you manager your finances with your SO? Separate accounts? Together? A bit of both? If so then why? 130 words At what age did you start shaving your legs etc / What age do you think is appropriate to start shaving?