What moment in the real world made you go "Oh, fuck this"?

I literally just quit my host job at a restaurant the other day. When I applied I made it clear I was only available during the day since it stays open 24 hours. I was told in my interview I wouldn't have to stay past 10pm so nice that sounded good. After a couple days of coming in I get my schedule and I have a 10pm to 3am shift in 2 days. I figured fuck it I need the money so I try it. It wasn't so bad and I got the rest I needed. I said itd be alright if I did one every once in a while. Next thing I see is nothing but 10pm shifts scheduled. My broke ass figured well lets try it but no after the second shift and such little sleep I just txted my boss saying I quit. It was hard finding a job and I needed money but I won't put up with that bullshit.

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