What is the most politically incorrect view you hold?

I have trouble believing you are an INTP believing you can pass a law that removes children from their homes.

That's because I'm not. I'm an ISTP. I thought my flair was pretty clear.

As an INTP With a child, I would tell you to go fuck yourself if you tried to take my kid. As one of the most independent types, we don't do well with authority. I doubt any INTP on this forum would differ... And we are the rational ones, lol. Imagine how all those Feelers would react.

I already addressed this. My ideal setup is not realistic, primarily because of social/cultural standards. But the problem is that it's these people who are holding the children back.

You also seem to be stuck on the idea that "children should necessarily be forced to live with their biological parents". Which can be awful for the child. The children themselves almost certainly would not have an objection. Which means it's the parents' blind attachment to their offspring, of which most don't even bother to parent.

The idea isn't to have some government agency raising kids. The idea is to get the kids independent at an early age.

Your solution doesn't fix whether someone actually wants to better themselves.

It's not supposed to. It's supposed to fix the issues of awful parenting, and children not knowing jack shit about the world because their parents are idiots who can't teach or don't teach.

I don't know where you are from but people in the US have as equal chances as you can get. Even if you leave the military out, federal college loans are available to anyone.

If one student starts out with $20k in debt, and another starts out with $100k in debt, and the third starts out with a trust fund of $300k and the only thing that differs about them is where they happen to be born and who their parents were, that's hardly equal. On top of that, the ones in $20k/$100k debt probably also had a worse education, were taught bad financial advice, and most likely had to figure out everything on their own (whereas the $300k trust funder is the opposite: good financial advice, better education, parent's knew what they were doing). For equal students, that's hardly 'equal'.

The idea is to remove the random genetic lottery of being stuck with awful parents just because you have shit luck and some dumbasses decided to fuck.

However, that's all anything is, random chance.

The problem is when you have random starting points. For random stuff in life, you can influence that. If you want to 'randomly' bump into a rich person, go live in a rich area. Want rich parents? Shit out of luck, can't do anything about that. 0 influence.

There's no way to fix that just like theres no way to keep a person from getting a Downs gene.

Ideally we'd have people be able to genetically modify themselves however they please. But that's a long way off.

You can't fix it.

Again, that's not the goal. The goal is to fix random starting points.

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