Do you have a Poker Face ?

TLDR: I stumbled onto a website that is breaking my brain. Is it just so far over my head I can't comprehend any of it or is it the insane gibberish it looks like? Or a troll site? I see it has the option to view it in either English or Nederlands; could a poor translation account for this much WTF?

Story of the thread title and how I stumbled upon this site: I'm playing some fallout and I hear that all-too-familiar whistling sound from a mini-nuke fired in my general direction. I have no idea where it's coming from, but I know I've got about 6 milliseconds to make a decision so I turn approximately 180 degrees, hit the sprint button, and run face first right into it. Seriously, right between the eyes. It was kinda beautiful in a way.

So as I'm getting over the shock during the loading screen my brain starts drifting off on random nonsense thoughts (one of its favorite pastimes). The flow went something like this: - "Wow, my face just got turned into paste" - "Paste hell, my face just got atomized" - "Not even sure the atoms survived that blast" - "What's it called when atoms get shredded to their component parts?" - "Gluonize sounds cool; wonder if that's a word?"

So I google "gluonize" and get a grand total of 3 results: - Some academic paper that doesn't even have the word gluonize in it (WTF, google?) - Some page written in Arabic or Sanskrit or something - And the lastly (well, it was actually the 2nd one listed) was the site posted above.

Sure enough, quick page search of the word gluozine show it being used about 2/3 of the way down. So I go to the beginning of the paragraph that contains the word and ...I just ...I think I'm broken now. If you can't read the whole page, I don't blame you, but at least try to read that one paragraph

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