What’s the best sexual experience you’ve ever had?

Last year was my first year single in 17 years. So needless to say, I made up for lost time, and I was pretty amazed at what's going on out here, especially among the younger generation. Like literally every single girl I banged in 2017 twerked on the D. Not to mention amazing dirty talk and all that porn sex shit.

But the girl I'm seeing now tops all of them. She's intoxicating almost hypnotizing. She calls me daddy, tells me she wants to please me, will wear any kind of sexy outfit I buy for her and ask her to put on, and talks so dirty in bed it's insane. One night she blew me 4x and wanted more but I literally couldn't. I fantasized about sex like this but never imagined I get to experience it. When a chick says you can do whatever you want, I want to make your fantasy come true...wow

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