what is the scummiest thing a boss has done just because he has more power than you?

Threatening to fire me for stealing "tons" of bottles of coke out of the coolers by the cash registers.(He claims he saw me doing this for awhile on the store camera's) If it's recorded on camera, then you would also see that I was bringing coke from home and putting it into the coolers to keep cold, I had been doing this for SEVERAL MONTHS at this point.

So the fact that you wanna fire the team leader for "stealing" a dollar bottle of coke out of a cooler for not wanting to come In for his 9th day in a row (This job was nightshift at a grocery store. The workload was fucking ridiculous) Then go ahead and do it, cause they would have been screwed.

That job was a long time ago thank God it's behind me lol

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