What is a secret that you're currently holding that you just HAVE TO let out?

My girlfriend cheated on my with her ex because she felt “pressured” even though she willingly drove to a secluded parking spot and did it (she was “pressured” again by someone else before we started dating). I spied on them in her truck and parked in the parking lot next to them and waited until they left and she dropped him back off at his car. She never tells me who/when she hangs out with friends especially her ex and I could tell something was up. She didn’t tell me and I confronted her the next day about it and said they were just doing storage things at the storage unit and I asked “in your car in the parking lot?” And she just said “no” with a straight, emotionless face and she kept walking forward. Then she told me the truth a couple hours later. We’re gonna talk more in two days and I’m going to break up with her then. I don’t deserve her.

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