What is something crazy popular that you have no interest in?

I’m gonna be that one guy cos I’m sick of seeing this. Pls recognize the group often labeled as anti-vaxx by the media isn’t against the science of vaccines; they’re opposed to government mandates that force vaccines and take away body autonomy, like proponents of pro-life. I’m one of those ppl. I hold a PhD in bioscience and understand how vaccines work better than 99.9999% of the population but I do not support forced vaccines. I never will. Why? Because behind every vaccine is an entity that stands to make a profit and people should have the freedom to weigh the odds, however they may come to their conclusion. In fact, ppl who are against the very concept of vaccine is very VERY rare, but the media likes to conflate the two groups to dismantle our argument. If you want to talk about believing in magic crystals, I’d much prefer to point to the religious belief in wearing a mask and social distancing. In all my years of research and clinical science, I’ve never ever seen so many people put blind faith in masks having any significant influence whatsoever in hindering the transmission of a virus in an environment larger than a tightly controlled, confined setting.

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