What story do your friends still give you crap about?

When I was about 19, we had a LSD party in Northern Cali...LSD parties were all the rage. LSD was huge fun. So one day, in 1993 we went to one on the West Side of town, where the poor white people lived. So we all drop this acid and in two hours later, we are smashed at this LSD party at Vincents house.

Well, Me and a few friends start feeling a little wound up, and so we go out side to wander around some. We go and talk to some girls, and houses and trees (I had a great convo about Ruby Ridge, Idaho with this dutch elm).. Anyways, we are walking around in a total fucking daze and we come up on this being.. this little creature..and we are just like "woah".. it seemed so mystical and wise, and so we decided to take it back to the LSD party with us, and so we do

Everyone just trips out that this think.. asking deep questions and shit..passing it around... it was like a little yoda or something.. ...anyways.. latr in the night.. the LSD party takes a bad turn (as they ALWAYS do) and people start freaking out, and just wanting to sleep.,.. it gets around that this creature was really a gremlin. ..an evil gremlin :( and people are freaked,a nd the gremlin is making all these bad and evil noises and shit... anyways.. no one wants to sleep with this thing running around.. SO.. I catch it and not really know what to do, ..but really wanting sleep, I tie it up, and put it in a cupboard and tie that up and the handles as well. It didnt like being tied up and still make the evil sounds, but we all felt we could sleep safely.

So the next day, I wake up...and remember the gremlin and freak!.. I run to the cupboard, and there tied up, is a sleeping and snoring child with down syndrome that's maybe 3 years old (he was also a midget I think) and I totally freak :( I untie him and wake him up, and wearing barely anything I drop him off at the house and yard I remember picking him up in

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