What do you think Viserys, Rhaenyra and Daemon would think of Daenerys and Jon Snow; and vice versa?

Daenerys would empathize with Rhaenyra’s struggle but disapprove of her later actions (tax policy and turning against Nettles).

She would probably dislike Daemon & Viserys for the way they treat their wives/children. She would begrudgingly respect Viserys for his prioritization of Aegon the Conqueror’s dream over power and glory.

Jon would disdain Rhaenyra for not fighting in the war herself. He does not like feminine women and prefers warrior type - he disdains Catelyn and Sansa but appreciates Arya, Ygritte and Val. He would probably think Daemon is very cool and badass but acknowledge that he is a bad person (he hero worships Daeron the Young Dragon). It’s funny because Jon & Daemon are written based on the same archetype that GRRM loves so much - Byronic short tempered brooding Targ second son dark princes.

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