What word do you think has the most power in the English language?

I've called someone a nigger once in my life. I don't hate any group of people, but it was the easiest way to lash back against some bullies and I took it.

It was the first week of highschool and I had transfered out of the public school system. We were eating lunch at the aptly named Freshman's table when the seniors started throwings things at us. I have never been one with a real long fuse so I reacted and threw a milk carton. Bullseye blasted a dude in the head and everyone looked at me like I had a death wish. Three boys came over looking for the culprit using general intimidation. Everyone stayed silent. One of the seniors spit his gum at me. I don't think he knew anything, I happened to be a convenient target since I was sitting at the end of the table. I stood up. We all got in eachothers faces and general jackassery continued to ensue. "Sit back down little freshman. We can make your school year miserable." Yada yada yada. I said nothing, I just stood there and glared... until Eli stepped forward and said,

"Its 3 versus 1 fuck you gonna do."

"Its 3 on 1 cause your black and niggers don't fight fair."

Shit. Shouldn't have said that.

Right before I was about to get my ass handed to me the nun showed up and sent us to the principles. We talked it out and I apologized. I explained I have a temper and go for whatever has the most impact when I feel bullied. That was it, we shook hands and squashed it. Over the next few months I became good friends with his brother and things weren't bad when I'd come up to visit. The only people who ever brought it up again were my fellow white students. There are definitely things that shouldn't be said and nigger is one of them. But just because someone makes a mistake doesn't mean they're racist. Paula Dean was crucified for refering to/calling the man who robbed her a nigger. People make poor choices in stressful situations.

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