What Would Happen If Everyone Truly Believed Everything Is One? New research suggests a belief in oneness has broad implications for psychological functioning and compassion for those are outside of our immediate circle.

There is no way to not be "one" with "everything". We fool ourselves when we pretend to "know" who and what we are. In moments of silence the truth is obvious. It's not a truth to reach for or a truth to comfort yourself with. It doesn't present itself in the form of words or images. It doesn't need to. It doesn't remember the past, or know the future, it doesn't need to. The thing to know, is that you don't know. Our bodies operate by themselves, as do fish bodies, bird bodies, cow bodies, moth bodies, tree bodies, grass bodies. As do bodies of water, bodies of rock, dirt and air. When we are born, we don't have to "know" how to operate our nervous system. It's an "intelligence" that is inherent in everything. It's just THERE! It "knows" what to do without verbalizing, without commanding.

If we look to science to explain our "oneness" we're missing the point. The experience of oneness is all that ever happens. Science is after "knowledge" in the form of words and thought. The truth cannot be formulated with symbols. YOU are not a symbol. And yet, you are "true", you need no explanation. "Your" experience is valid and oh so beautiful. Dare i say that the most hated and feared "individuals" are just as beautiful? Dare I say that Hitler was a wonderful "thing"? It's a horrible thing to consider. That everything we do is in some way the perfect thing to do. Can I look at a "hitler" with the same perspective that I look at a massive hurricane that tears apart the land?

We teach our children to see themselves as "thinkers" instead of experiencers. We give them the idea that something is wrong and something needs to be figured out. Why? Where has it gotten us? Humans are constantly looking for something to explain what all of this is, we're searching for that piece of information that will make sense, the thing that will tie it all together. We've separated ourselves with ideas and concepts and now we look to unite everything with ideas and concepts. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

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