What was your life like at 26 years old?

I dont know if i should answer because i currently am 26 and will have no advice or wholesome current update for anybody. But oh well, i have five minutes.

I am not married and i have no children. I have been in love three times with three wonderful women. I left all of them. The first because i was young and wanted to be single. I come from a small town and we were moving to different cities for University. We remained friends for a brief time but drifted apart naturally. We no longer speak unless it is Christmas time and then it is just brief pleasantries. The second girl, i ran away from more than seperated after a sustained period of fighting and an abortion (please judgements for yourself). The polonged fighting was due to me feeling extremely insecure in the relationship and jealous. Particularly obessive behaviour of her past relationships/lovers. This was very toxic and i was a horrible boyfriend.The abortion was the nail on the coffin. The third girl, i cheated on with multiple people. I feel as i still love her. I think about her everyday. It has been rather recent so this is normal.

I am an alocholic and i smoke weed everyday. I am in general a bad and selfish way person with questionable morals.

I am a student in a well respected University doing my second degree. (Philosophy) first one is sports science. I make good money along with studying and i have good friends. I fight with them alot this is alway my fault as im usually drunk but they know what i am so they let me off.

I love my parents and my sister they have always been such a great support. Recently i have been feeling superproud of my sister who is 6 years older and has a fantastic job and on the verge of starting a family..

This is not so much a what was my life like as much it is a general recent history of my life and mental state but yeah... Whatever im drunk.

Goodbye peepz im not as bad as i sound xx

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