What was your "Oh shit my life is over my parents are gonna kill me" moment you had as a child/teen?

In high school my then boyfriend suggested one night that we go somewhere quiet to be alone. We parked in a dark spot in front of an abandoned building. We started getting busy and then noticed some flashing lights pulling up behind us. We quickly put some clothes (that had "somehow" been taken off) back on. An officer and his partner came up to our windows to question us. I cant quite remember what we told them but I ended up sitting in the back of their car on the hard seat. That's when I noticed my shirt was inside out. The officer came over and had me write down my information and my parents number. They told me that they would be calling my parents in the next few days and that it would be wise to tell them myself. They let us go and watched us leave the parking lot. When I got home my mom was already in bed. I woke her up and told her what happened. She gave me the "I'm disappointed in you" look. Honestly that was worse than any yelling. I was grounded for several weeks after that. I waited and waited and the officer never even called. We found out later that the abandoned building we chose was actually going to become the new police headquarters.

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