What in your opinion is the best action movie of all-time?

If we open up the pandora's box that is the inclusion of Martial Arts movies (why not then military movies, Adventure movies, Comic book movies?), then there are far better Martial Art Movies out there.

Ong Bak notably respects more the classic action movie tropes (man vs. improbable odds, strong silent type lead, simple plotline [save the]) while featuring better, more diverse martial art fights from the lead. The fight and chase scenes are fun, inventive and don't rely on quick cuts, obscure settings or body doubles. Its pure hand-to-hand all the way through.

Rumble in the Bronx has action scenes that are just as good, but trades the brutality for Keaton-esque humor (which is a plus), charm and inventiveness.

Then there's Bruce Lee movies...

Then there's Bloodsport, Kickboxer and all those flicks....

More Hong Kong movies, Wire-fu flicks ...

See what I mean?

Martial Art flicks are such a big genre, that they deserve to be considered on their own. Putting them in the Action pot diminishes them because if we consider them on the same footing (acting and lines notably) they fall short. Better to consider them on their own.

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