What's the bizarrest incident you've witnessed with your own two eyes?

I was traveling down I40 going the entire length of Tennessee, but got off of the highway to find a real restaurant instead of fast food. I pulled into a small gas station a few miles off of the highway to fill up, and see some guys arguing. It escaltes to pushing and shouting, then one guy runs over to his landscape trailer and grabs a weedwacker.

The most amazing thing to me was that he started it in one pull, and then he takes off after the other guy and is hitting him in the back with a running weedwacker while they run in circles around the pump area of the gas station.

The worker from the gas station come out and clothes lines the he'll out of weedwacker guy, like his feet go straight out in front of him while his chest / neck are still hanging off of the gas station guys arm. Gas station guy takes the weedwacker and turns it off, curses both guys out, and walks in the store with the weedwacker like this is a normal occurrence.

The guy who was getting attacked with a weedwacker took off, while the landscaper went in and seemed to be begging for his weedwacker back when I drove off. If this is a normal day this place would make great TV.

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