What's the coolest way to waste $1000?

Back in 2009 when I was a 15 I was playing runescape a lot. Me and a friend of mine had found a way to buy runescape items for cheap and sell them for a higher price at our website. Within two years we made $1200, and I think we wasted this money really great;

Me and my friend (let's call him Jake) had always been fan of going out together. We were young, but we were very adventurous and we had seen a big part of the country already by the age of 14, because we traveled a lot together on our bikes. Our parents were okay with it, as long as we told them where we went and when we'd be home. We never got in trouble, but after a while we were getting bored of it. We talked about how it was kinda fun to travel this much, but we felt empty in the end because we didn't know what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives. We both went to school, got good grades but we both didn't like anything except travelling together, and we knew that we had to get a job at one time in our lives because our parents couldn't support us for our whole lives.

One night a mutual friend of ours told us about a movie that was really inspiring to him. We went to watch it in the cinema near us. The movie turned out to be a lifechanger for me and Jake; it was Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Never had we seen such a brilliant movie, with such a lovely script. Kevin James acted it really good, and we were so inspired by the movie that after seeing it, we went to buy $1200 worth of Paul Blart: Mall Cop DVD's and gave them to the homeless because we wanted them to change their lives for the better as well.

Six years later, the percentage of homeless people in our country has been at least halved because we had spread the movie around the country. The impact of the movie has been huge, many homeless people changed their life by finding the strenght and willpower to go to school and/or find a job again. We're planning to get raise more money to spread the word about Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and to buy more DVD's for everyone.

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