What's funny about rich people complaining that poor people don't work and are a drain on society is that every rich person does negative work. That is, it takes far more work to accommodate their life than their labor could possibly produce. They are the real drain on society.

Did 'Alpha Humans' succeed when the Roman Empire collapsed?

Except we don't owe 'the world 'any shit either, and quite ironic you are saying the ones who do think they are entitled to shit are at the top as 'alpha humans' living off the shit of others. What you are actually describing is survival instinct and self-interest. These so-called 'alpha humans' need people to protect them. 'Gamma humans' are way superior to them in nature if that protection was taken away. Order is inferior to chaos and entropy in nature. Order always erodes and collapses, look at the Roman Empire.

What will happen is if nuclear war happens or global warming comes, take a guess what will happen to these 'alpha humans' when they lose that protection.

Getting things done is not about doing it for other people or society, it is about yourself and those you choose.

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