What's that one subreddit you are subscribed to but totally ignore? Why?

Yeah,I have something to say about that sub.

A couple of months ago,around mid-July last year when ISIS was starting to rustle everyone's jimmies,there was a lot of islamophobia in that sub.

At first it was subtle comments like 'muslims are more likely to do (insert asshole act) than other believers and hence they need to assimilate to (so and so) culture or leave',then it got to more blatant racism like 'extremist muslims blow up buildings,moderate muslims support them'.

Now,I live in a pseudo-Islamic city(Dubai;but it's pretty liberal for a muslim city,hence the 'pseudo') but I really didn't know much about the religion,or about its followers,but I live here and have a lot of muslim friends(I'm Hindu) at school.

I knew that most of the comments in that sub were stupid and shouldn't have been taken seriously,but as more and more ISIS and 'ISIS-supporters from (insert non-muslim country) holding rallies/threatening people' made the headlines,I slowly began to believe the comments.I began to judge a HUGE group of people,whose customs I didn't even know about,and thought of them as evil,and bad.Literally every muslim person I knew in real life(and I know a lot because I live in Dubai) was a kind,generous person,but I thought 'Hey,if so many of these people end up being terrorists the people I knew in real life might just be a small minority'.

I had no idea how wrong I was,until last week,when news of the Indian government trying to ban a documentary about a very famous gangrape in Delhi in 2012 made it to the sub.

Almost each and every comment was about how Indian men were terrible,sexist,chauvinistic monsters who raped everything.Anecdotes of non-Indian women who visited India,people saying 'oh it must be so bad to be a woman in India when she's surrounded by all those horrible men',comments like 'Well now I'm never dating Indian men again' getting gilded.

And I was reading all of this on my phone,and I felt terrible,because I was probably one of the biggest supporters of women's rights I knew,may be even more so than most of my female friends and my mother.I'll be one of the first people to say that India has a sexism problem,and a big one at that,but judging around 650 million people because of a couple of assholes is just wrong.Very wrong.As wrong as I was to judge all those muslim people,including the kind ones I knew.

I decided to never believe a comment about a race/religion/country I didn't know at face value.And this includes /r/worldnews.

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