whats the scariest/worst car accident that you have witnessed?

I have three-

One happened a few months ago. My friend and I were caravanning and she was behind me. There was a mattress on the highway, and I barely had enough time to change lanes. I looked in my rearview to see that my friend wasn't so lucky-- she clipped the mattress, and I saw her car spin out across all the lanes. I am frantically trying to pull to the side and I see a huge truck crash into her and spin her into the freeway median.

I truly believe she's dead. I'm pulled over to the side of the freeway, trying to run to her. Then my friend pops out of her car-- seconds before another car nearly ran into her and shouts "I'm okay!" For a few seconds we are screaming back and forth to each other because neither of us can believe what happened, and I'm just like, "don't move around so much!I'm calling an ambulance"

She walks away with a bruised knee and cheek. Not another scratch on her, not even whiplash. CHP told her that her seatbelt absolutely saved her life.

The second one happened when I was eight or nine. My parents owned a small clothing shop in a strip mall, and I was inside the store while my little sister was playing outside. It's been a long time, so I can't remember it exactly, but the parking space in front of my parents store had this dip in it-- like in intersections for wheelchairs to cross the street. This car drove up the dip and crashed into my parents' display window (which was actually the second time that happened). I was too stunned, but my mother instantly started to freak out, because my sister-- who was six or seven, was still out there. She goes running outside, screaming my sister's name, only to see the little brat walking back to our store from the small market a few doors down. We were all Korean immigrants, so my sister bought some candy without telling our mother she was going.

The third is not so good--

I was driving on the 101-- it was dark, so i didn't see it clearly, but I saw a guy fly out of his car. Then I saw people running over him.

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