can someone answer my question

say brandan wright or jameer nelson or jae crowder or rajon rondo or dwight powell or corey brewer or troy daniels or ronny turiaf or alexey shved... they just got traded from old teams to new teams and dont know if they will stick around soon... and also its not like they can have houses in boston or dallas or houston or minneapolis or philadelphia or anything immediately... but they gotta live somewhere so maybe their houses are still in their old places... but even then a guy like dwight powell was recently drafted in the second round from stanford university so he might not have the cash or time to even have a house in boston yet... but that doesnt matter since he just got traded so could that mean he was living in a hotel the whole time... or did he just rent an apartment or something or does the team pay for his living expenses somehow... maybe its like jeremy lin who lived on his friends couch but that must be a rare incident so i wonder where all these players live after just getting traded... but maybe rajon rondo is friends with james harden and lives in his couch but no that is probably not right... but maybe jameer nelson and brandon bass since they were former teammates in orlando but then again bass is trade bait so he might leave boston soon too... which begs the question do even long term players buy houses in their areas or do they only own houses in their home towns for example dwight howard and atlanta... i wonder this because i never really hear where people live so i wonder if a guy like chase budinger even owns a home in minneapolis at all or is his house still in houston where he played before or maybe he doesnt own a house at all since he is always moving so maybe not and where does he live if so... it would certainly be interesting to find out since the recent trades just happened and its an exciting time in the nba... it would be interesting to see a list of different basketball players and the cities and locations of their houses and maybe hometowns... i know housing is expensive in america today but these guys are some of the richest in the country so i am sure they can find the real estate i just think this is an interesting topic is all... i hope this subreddit can help to answer my question even if it is not very well worded... because as they say in the hood u da real mvp

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