What's something you saw that you weren't definitely supposed to see?

I was raised by a single parent, my mum, who was juggling full-time work with parenthood. When she’d leave in the mornings, she’d invite our neighbour over to supervise me. He was retired, and we lived on a small island, so there was nothing to really do. So, he accepted. I was a toddler at this time, I think. I was very young.

For whatever reason, my mum set up a hidden camera in her bedroom. I think she suspected him of snooping around. He was always weirdly intrusive, and I never felt comfortable around him. So it wasn’t out-of-character. Lo and behold, her suspicion was right. The camera was facing her underwear drawer, and he went straight to it. Handling my mum’s panties, even giving them a cheeky sniff. I don’t know if he pocketed a pair or anything like that - I’d dread to think. I also don’t know where I was, or what I was up to at the time. But I was obviously unsupervised, while this guy inhaled my mum’s underwear. A camera was never installed in my room, and that’s probably for the best. At this point, I wouldn’t want to know. Somewhere in the archives, the video still exists. My mum is very introverted, so she never confronted him. Just caught him in the act, and left it at that, I guess? If I were in her shoes, the same would not be said - I’d have flipped out. I guess we all handle conflict differently, and that’s putting it lightly. Anyway - nobody was meant to see him in the act. But, we did. Lovely.

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