Looking for suggestions for the best RC to try that's similar to oxycodone/percocet

I suppose kratom would be the way to go, although it's not exactly a RC.

(That's a positive, Many RC's have very dangerous side effects and barely any information harm reduction knowledge)

Kratom has very good pain relieving properties, and i strongly advise you to start there, as it's the least addictive. A lot less addictive as the prescribed pain killers.

And supposedly will also give you a very enjoyable unique buzz, i hear all the different kinds of kratom, have a different 'buzzes'.

There's another way, but it isn't exactly legal, depending on your country. My info is to be taken as educational purposes online (Damn government, spying on my brain)

I'm guessing you're from the US, as most countries are very very reluctant on prescribing painkillers as strong as that, they usually give you some Codiene or tramadol and send you on your way.

I'm not sure on the legality of poppy pods in your country, but they contain Morphine and codiene and a bunch of other alkaloids, that will kill pain for a very long time and sometimes carries on to the next day. And will make you apparently feel wonderful (I've heard that some people prefer the effects of poppy to Oxycodone and sometimes even heroin!) The type of poppy with the active alkaloids are Papaver Somniferum.

Most people make tea with it, it's actually also very easy to overdose, due to the morphine content in the poppies varying vastly.

You can actually also buy seeds at your local shop and make tea with them, but nowadays apparently it's very rare to find unwashed seeds with opium glue on them.

Keep in mind, Papaver Somniferum contains exactly the same alkaloids of opium.

And physical dependence to opium is no joke at all, the withdrawal can last a extremely long time (months and months) And some say its worse than oxycodone and heroin.

So i don't recommend that at all, you're just going to be in even more pain when you run out, and you're waiting for a parcel, counting down the clock. If not overdose and die.

Now on to opiate research chemicals

now there's actually some opiate research chemicals out there, but they are extremely dangerous, without extensive chemistry knowledge and equipment; Also probably dangerous with the knowledge and equipment, no telling what the side effects could be.

Even inhaling some of the stuff in the air, could cause you to OD and kill you.

Even take a look at 14-methoxymetopon, very very dangerous.

So i highly recommend against RC opiates.

honestly heavy opiates like OC's aren't a pretty road to go down, no matter what the pain. If you could, go to pain management classes and take weaker opiates like codeine and tramadol (ultram) or even Ibeprofen if possible. Your life will be a lot better off, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

Also for using painkillers for pain, you shouldn't really be chasing euphoria (the sensation) That's the way to raise your tolerance and end up with a serious habit, where even the highest dose your body can process without killing you, won't cure your pain. But will just stop you from a extremely nasty withdraw.

Not trying to come off as a bastard, i understand what chronic pain is like, living in agony. But there's way to manage it, you just need to find the right people. And throwing a addiction in the mix is just going to make it much worse.

Stay safe out there

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