When you get bullied for being a nerd...

Had bunch of best Buddies that for some reason got jelous of me & my other best Buddy, gave us some hard times mentally, like faking to attempt to s"icide couple of times Just to get a reaction Out of us, trying to get us into drugs, other horrible shit.

They went Off with drugs & Alkohol, drugs Not Like Weed, but LSD, Meth, Some other strong shits that i can't translate, i moved out of the country, and after like a year they came back to me for Help and acted Like they didn't Just Changed, Tried to ruin my Life again, they did that to my other friend too but it didn't also Work in him ( thankfully).

Makes me sad thinking about it again.

I hate having Feelings and caring for people, Just gives me unnecessary Stress & sAdNeSs tbh ( hopefully o wont die of sadness Like padame did xD)

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