Mother, whose child contracted measles from children of anti-vaxx parents, decided to release this photo of her innocent baby who got infected with measles but was too young to get a vaccine. This all could have been prevented if the kids around her were vaccinated.

We all agree that 300 lives has more value than the life of one and that’s why asking to vaccinate mathematically right now makes no sense.

I will let you do the research yourself but as of today the ratio of a severe side effects for (say) smallpox is 14-52 in 1 million vaccines. The last outbreak of smallpox in US was in 1949. So mathematically speaking as of today, vaccinating for smallpox is insanity. I understand the reasons for the lack of outbreak is due to the effectiveness of vaccine, and one can re-evaluate the vaccination decision once that ration changes. As of today though you are placing a higher value of a hypothetical non existent risk over the lives of those 15-52/1Mil.

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