Which movie ended up being the biggest letdown for you?

I'm prepared for the downvotes but No Way Home. Massive fan of the Raimi trilogy and I felt like it was just pure fan service whilst retconning finished storylines from the originals. Also lots of plot holes derived from the fact that they shoved so much into for example how Doc Ock was already "reformed" by the time he found out how Peter was Spiderman (and how he was evil again after that point), the fact that Electro didn't know Peter Parker was Spiderman and yet he was brought to the MCU (and all the other characters that weren't brought to the MCU that knew who he was) but for me the bit that really fucked me off was when Tobey got stabbed by the glider, like did they intentional mirror the excellent ending of Spidey 1 just to shit all over his spider sense. What was the Goblin's motivation in this? OK I'll stop now before I get angry, it was just bad.

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