Who's directing?

He was definitely designing levels for Demons Souls and Dark Souls. Probably even Bloodborne. I wonder if he's still that hands on anymore, since becoming president. Elden Ring sounds like the most he's been involved since those days, but it's still too early to tell. We know he handed off development almost entirely for DaSII, to make Bloodborne. Because of the dissatisfaction surrounding DaSII, I think it could be argued they've made a conscerted effort to make sure to attach his name to every game since then. You could tell this especially in the marketing for DaSIII. So I'm kinda suggesting, because of all these games coming out so frequently, that he's had to have been handing some of these games off to other people, similarly to how he did for DaSII.

Bloodborne and DaSII were developed together.

DaSIII and Sekiro were developed together.

And now Elden Ring was apparently being made while Sekiro was being wrapped up. Don't forget Deracine was in there somewhere, too.

I just wonder if we'll ever return to the days of him being as hands on as he was with DeS, DaS and BB. I don't think any of these games since BB has had his full attention.

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