I wish that something has to happen, and it has to feel good and satysfying for everyone on the planet Earth.

the resultant burst of energy, radiation, EM radiation, and light induces a feeling of euphoria in everyone for about one second globally

I know I'm getting whooooshed, but seeing how you're trying to use a scientific concept in this, I have to say this for anyone genuinely wondering: I don't think that's a thing. EM radiation mostly doesn't effect living things (otherwise the 5G conspiracy people would actually have a leg to stand on), ionizing radiation will just kill you, either immediately or chronically depending on the exposure, and while Seasonal Effective Disorder from too little sunligjt is a real thing, more sunlight doesn't have the mirror opposite effect and make you abnormally happy. If you can show me research that this can actually happen though, I will happily be proven wrong.

Basically, we'll just lose our twcjnpogy and have nothing to show for it.

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