if you’re cheating on your partner

Yup! My ex husband fucked me up so badly. I’d always find inappropriate conversations on his phone with female coworkers whether through Snapchat or hidden Facebook messenger and when I would confront him his response was always like “why are you going through my phone?” Because I knew you were hiding things from me! I’d find screenshots of women’s pictures from Snapchat. One time I found him asking his coworker if she has wearing anything “sexy” to a party they both attended and he lied to me about. Not sure if they fucked but I was done. I never in my life looked at another man while we were together. I told him to leave and started divorcing procedures. For six months after we separated he kept begging me to come back, that he loved me and missed me and that he fucked up ( I later found out he had also made tinder profiles while we were together). Why? Why do you want to be with me? Why not let me go, let me be free and happy with a good man? I was so scarred and unhappy, every move he made I was wondering what he was doing or who was he talking to. He made me mentally sick, yet he insisted in staying. I never understood how can someone be so fucking selfish. I’m glad I never took him back.

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