29 male high cholesterol

NAD... I have "familial hypercholestemia," so I know all about high cholesterol. High cholesterol has been unfairly demonized. Its only part of your over all health. If you eat healthy, exercise, and don't smoke or drink, elevated cholesterol isn't a big deal. If you have a poor lifestyle, elevated cholesterol has a multiplier effect.

Now it can become so high that it causes a problem in itself. You're not there, yet. When you say active; do you work out? Cardio? Weights? What does your diet look like? Eat lean protein and healthy fats. Fish, nuts, white meat, or grass feed beef. Increase fruits and vegetables. Strive for 40% of your diet.

Every day you'll need to start taking a fish oil supplement with at least 1,000mgs combined EPA/DHA, a couple of tablespoons of psyllium husk, and a serving of whey protein isolate. Consider taking a green tea extract supplement as well (I use Jarrows). You will need to do this forever. Literally. If you commit to proper diet, exercise, and those supplements you will see your numbers drop but in all likelihood, your genetics will catch up you and you'll be on a statin.

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