People of Reddit what’s the worst thing that’s happened on your job? (serious)

When I was doing tech sales we had this one regular customer, this sweet old man in his 90s, who came in pretty often for PC work. He looked much younger. I didn't work with him too much but I'd talked with him a few times, was a real nice guy. Well one day I had a guy come in with his mother, and I thought I recognized the desktop they had with them.

Turns out he'd taken a fall and passed away, they were his son and widow coming to get his data wiped. I found out when I was doing an intake and I recognized the last name. I was pretty shocked since I'd just said hi to the guy when he picked up the desktop the day before. I wound up just wiping everything outside of our system, and shot the son an email to confirm everything was done. Definitely not the worst day for me personally, but it definitely affected me because it was so unexpected, I'd just seen the guy not too long ago.

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