Wombo Combo Wednesday!

Did this the other day when I drew ass playing world chalice

Starting cards: waterfront, brilliant, foolish and dai

dai summon chosen summon link spider activate brilliant sending lee and lazuli add chosen to hand from gy send spider to add lee from gy normal lee adding WL-WC normal WL-WC tributing seraphinite search gameciel summon auram WL-WC summon lee and chosen link chosen into imduk link lee and imduk into ib imduk summon chosen to a zone linked by auram foolish for venus auram's effect tribute chosen to summon venus summon 3 shine balls make imduk and proxy from the balls summon ningirsu with proxy and imduk, draw 2 link venus and ningirsu into firewall link ib and auram into tri-gate firewall summon gameciel

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