Women have a right to talk about sexual assault without being gotcha'd by "BUT WHAT ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT TO MEN?" And men have the same right, vice versa.

I’m sorry but I disagree, now feminists hate me because I say that men and women are fundamentally different in almost every way, and I also disagree with you in thinking the two situations are comparable. Unless you’re talking about a man raping a man(in that case, ew and I don’t want to hear about it). Women can’t really rape a guy, sure they can be fondled but the risk and threat is just not the same.

I can’t stand the way the whole men’s rights movement cries and acts all emotional talking about “abuse”. Act like a man, be a man. Men have real legitimate issues, but they’re completely different from women’s issues, you can’t say “well men get abused too!” Because that’s disingenuous. I also can’t respect a man that cries and demands sympathy, only thing you’ll get from me is a kick to the face.

Be a man cry baby

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