And they wonder why we call them NPC. Behold, the womanoid robot.

See, this is yet another reason why I turned away from the Democrats. I used to be a lifelong liberal, and one of the things I thought was just common sense was that women had a point - up to some point, it really is "just a cluster of cells", and I believed that "women should have control over their own bodies". But I also believed that there was a line somewhere, where that "cluster of cells" became a real person who starts to have rights of their own, and that line should be determined by the medical community. I honestly am not religious, and so I didn't believe that it's "from conception", that just seemed way too extreme for me. But on the other hand, at some point, the fetus does become a person, so...

And here's where they just lost me. Me, a former lifelong liberal, an atheist, in favor of women's rights, I'm someone who should be directly on their team for fuck's sake, and they just fucking completely lost me. Again (they already lost me a while back). Aborting a baby in the third trimester? A baby with a heartbeat and everything? That is way over whatever "common sense" line I was imagining. That's just doing more of what they've been doing lately - taking what should be a simple question of empathy (for the woman, for gays, for muslims, for illegal aliens, whatever) and taking it to this absurd fucking extreme where they alienate even people like me. They are just so extreme now that they don't even know how far up their own asses their heads are.

So that's just a viewpoint from a former liberal, former Democrat (never again), now Trump supporter. I know how they think, because I used to be one of them, and let me tell you that even to me, these people have turned a corner and become completely batshit crazy. It's quite amazing to watch. They take things that should be good (empathy, equal rights etc) and weaponize them, use them as weapons, until it becomes something evil and twisted. It's really bizarre, I'm not sure why I can see it and they can't, but I think more and more people are waking up and smelling the covfefe.

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