Word to the wise

Did you even read my comment? I spoke about the release! The state of the game on the release day! Which was for many games very bad and lackluster for AAA titles. Ofc they fixed it but it took mostly years to finnaly polish the game after release. You are also a very good example of someone who casualize whole community and critics saying we are all dipshits. Only because you had fun with Battlefield doesnt mean the game had massive problems on release and even months after release. That they fixed alot stuff means they did atleast their job unlike many other game devs like for example Fallout 76 which is even years after its release in a shit state. So please stop this blind hurr durr everyone mad because internet mob and realize that voicing criticism actually benefits us the consumers of games.

I agree sometimes a vocal minority trash talks stuff like d2 veterans who cant accept that arpg changed and most players want a diablo different from d2.

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