The reason respecs cost gold

While the points you make here are valid,

Having free respecs means metagaming every single activity by changing to an optimal build for it.

Is this so much different from Diablo 3 where you typically had a GR pushing build, a speed GR / key farming build, and a gold farming build/loadout? I have not looked into how the endgame procedurally/randomly generated stuff will work in D4 yet, but would you actually be able to tailor make a build for some type of specific affix that you were guaranteed to get in a dungeon? Also did not look at how any template/armory stuff works in beta, but if we can't save builds + gear loadouts. But if these are not available.. why...

Free respecs mean you're looting for your class, respec costs mean you're looting for your build. If you can freely respec, and you found a powerful unique, then you have 0 reasons not to instantly change your build around it.

Imo this is how an early game/early season Diablo game should play. Level 28 and found your first legendary weapon gives a 180% modifier to a skill I have not tried yet? Great! Let me give this a shot. Personally, I want almost every legendary I pick up to feel... well.. legendary (especially early game when I don't have options between legendries).

I don't want to spend 5-10 minutes at level 28 playing around with 30 skill points to make a build around that item that I'm prob going to be using for an hour.

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