WordPress for iOS Was Blocked From Updating Unless it Agreed to Add In-App Purchases for .Com

You don't get to be a $2T company without bullying and extracting every last nickle and dime from developers. This seems very problematic.

And developers don't get to be as rich as they are without charging full price for their apps and never offering any deals on their apps other than to upgrade you to the next version. Hilarious how some people here are defending developers who are millionaires and they aren't passing any cost savings to the consumer. Can you list a stack of major developers who are not gouging customers on software? How about naming a stack of major developers who constantly pass the savings to their customers so they can get a break on the price of their software? You won't find many so keep on defending developers. They don't care about you. But I realize as long as this topic is about Apple people like you will take the side of the poor developer.

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