I would love my next child's name to have some association with meditation/yoga/enlightenment Looking for both boy and girl suggestions


I understand that you want the child's label to be related to something you like. But children at least need the option of blending-in first, and then they rebel or individuate later if they want to. Besides, a name won't make someone this-or-that. Even 'the buddha' himself was just Gotama, and that 'mundane' name did not make him mundane by any stretch. So a name will not 'make' a person but it can certainly 'break' a person away from the chance of mixing in if they so choose as a child. That's very important.

This might all be less important if you were based out of Bodh Gaya, or some mountanous area of the Himilayas. But your posting-history shows that you appear to be what seems like a normal layperson hockey-player based out of 'Victorial British Columbia' Canada.

Now. Please. Let's imagine that you have a son, for example.

This son loves you and adopts hockey as a favorite pasttime because of you. Now imagine that this kid is either named 'John' or 'Asana.'

John enters the sweaty and rambunctious locker-room for the first time, and says, 'Hey guys, I'm John.'

In universe number two, ASANA enters this locker-room with apprehension, trying to come up with a nickname quickly because he doesn't even want to 'hear it' today.

"Hey guys, I'm...Ash."

"Fucking Ash? AHHAHA! Ashley? Or like black cigarette shit?...Fuck outta here, what's your full name."

"(Sigh). Asana...SHUT U—"


Now, he could just make this a part of his life story and people overcome tons of things. But why not just give him the option of stuff the kid wants to overcome when they grow up?

That's where a name is important: it won't necessarily add much, but a pretentious one can sure subtract the chance to blend-in effortlessly if the kid isn't naturally gregarious or doesn't take everything in stride all the time.

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