Wow, Tectone is complaining about the same thing for the 100th time again.

This would be a very fair point if the grinding in between wasn’t a bridge to getting what people really want.

There are two things I (and many others) want most in this game:

  1. More consistent story related content (Archon Quests, Story Quests, & events). I don’t have to break down why this is, it’s pretty obvious why anyone would want a story being told & new fresh gameplay. All this is a catalyst to want number 2

  2. More characters to get pulled! And why do I want most characters? Well aside from a lot of characters being waifus, I want characters because of their personality/if I enjoyed how they played into the story!!! We are at a point where there are lots of characters that are great units, are hot, and are very awesome additions to the Genshin story. So many characters check all the boxes!

So that brings me back to why the daily grind is necessary. This part is a bit confusing to put into words so bare with me…

How do you get these characters you want? You obtain fates or primogems to make wishes. How do you get those? You grind out the game for more, do events, and do the abyss. And the abyss and some event content alone demands that you grind good artifacts or have some good characters in your party to truly get a good/high scoring. How do you decide which characters to pull for? Most people go for what characters they like because as I said earlier there are many good options, SHOULD YOU TAKE THE TIME TO GRIND AND INVEST THE CHARACTERS. And this brings it all back to the demand for more story/event content… It’s a change of pace & makes grinding a little easier but also in the process it perpetuates the cycle of bringing in new characters and brining a challenge.

It’s a shitty cycle but atleast if it was more consistent, it wouldn’t feel like such a vicious one. It would leave a fresh taste in everyone’s mouth I feel. Of course it’s understandable right now cause Covid but I think the plan of having content drip fed to us for like 5 more years to come is outrageous

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