LPT request: how to get up in the right time?

Quality of sleep is more important than amount of sleep (as a life long insomniac).

If you get 6 hours of good sleep you'll get up fine vs. 8 hours of poor sleep.

Solution is combination of following: - comfort, make sure pillow is excellent - temperature, if you're in a hot room kiss good night's sleep goodbye. I use chilisleep product to cool bed super.low - light, I use an eye cover - noise - I use bioears silicon plugs And finally where most people would add peace of mind/meditation at 5 instead I say: - routine. Your mind is like a muscle and like a muscle it responds to repetition to improve.

No matter what stick to your routine ALWAYS and your mind will eventually fall into line and deep sleep.

Failing all that if your lifestyle allows it my emergency solution is a daytime power nap

I've been exhausted and at 20% all morning and had a 40 min power nap at lunch and crushed it all afternoon.

Hope this helps..

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