[WP] Give me your best zombie fiction

May 2nd 2027

It was all over the news, starting in January. They say that the first case started in China and thought it was another killer disease like Ebola and because of this, everyone was in a huge state of panic.

Nobody expected it to be like this.

I never really believed in things like zombies and resurrection. I just saw it as fiction created by a genius billionaire. However, when I saw the news.. the things that happened to innocent people.. it made me sick. I still remember every image of what happened in China that was shown on the news. I remember seeing the face of that used-to-be human; a grayish face with cuts on its forehead and bruises under the eyes.

However, there was one image that seriously got to me. It was a woman, probably in her late thirties, early forties, carrying a baby. She was running as fast as she could. She dropped her baby and continued running. The living dead (we'll call them that from now on) stopped, crouched down and started to tear apart the baby. You could hear the cries of both the mother and the child. For the last three seconds that the camera was focused on the living dead, you could see its face in full view; its bloodshot eyes staring directly at the person filming.

May 31st 2027

The outbreak has spread throughout the world already since starting in January. After China it spread throughout the whole of Asia, gradually making its way towards the UK, US and Russia. I'm currently at a small farmhouse in Scotland. There doesn't seem to be many living dead here but I have seen the animals dying. Starting with my old Jack Russel, Rex. She passed 6 days ago. I buried her outside my house. The sheep also started to die but what made it extremely strange was that there would either be 10 sheep all dying at once or no sheep dying at all.

My wife and two kids left me 3 days before the outbreak. They thought I was crazy because I was having dreams of something like this happening. They didn't tell me where they were going but I dearly miss them.

The saddest part is that my family are probably all one of them, now.

June 5th 2027

It's my birthday, today. Usually I'd celebrate by going to a nice restaurant with my family. That obviously wont happen though. The only thing that I do now is hope that someone will come in a helicopter and take me somewhere that I'm guaranteed a decent meal and the company of other people. I've not ate in 6 days. There is a small lake that I drink out of near my farmhouse, though.

June 16th 2027

I think that my time is coming soon. My toenails and fingernails have been falling off as well as my hair. My muscles are aching unbearably and my skin seems to be almost peeling off.

June 19th 2027

they came back for me. i swear that i saw them. i was so happy to see my wife and kids and they were happy to see me too.

i didn't want to have to kill them but i was so hungry. i feel incredibly guilty now.

June 20th 2027

my time is almost here. as i write this i can feel the blood trickling down my body. my skin is entirely pale. i can't recognize my own self any more.

June 21st 2027

my time is here. i'm so incredibly sorry if i hurt you. it's not who i am.

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