[WP] You wake up in the middle of the night with your paralysis demon cowering in the corner of your room, scared to death of whatever stands at the end of your bed.

Ah ... it's happening again again. It's going to be another one of those nights. That thing is ... it's cowering? Why? Wierd, I can move my fingers, am I awake? My neck refuses to turn no matter how much effort I put. It sort of hurts trying to turn it, why can I only manage a shiver? Ah, I get it. It's fear isn't. Because I'm fully awake right now, aren't I? And there's something at the foot of my bed that my body refuses to let me look at, isn't it? If I look, it will kill me, won't it? I don't want to be awake right now. I'll just close my eyes. It'll go away. It'll go away. It'll go away. It'll go away. It'll go away. °°°°°°°°

Huh? Another night like this. The thing isn't here but the other one definitely is. Just don't look. Wait till my body gives me the signal. Wait till I feel comfortable moving my neck. ... it's taking longer this time. °°°°°°°°

It's happening again. It's not going away tonight. I keep falling asleep and waking up but it won't go away. My neck only shivers when I try to look. I'll just pull my cover up some, that won't give away that I'm not asleep. Why won't it leave? I don't do fear. You know what, if it kills me, it kills me. I will fight for my life if I have to.

Overriding your own instincts, you abruptly sit up to look at the foot of your bed. There's nothing there. The phenomenon never happens again afterward. You expect it to come back, but it doesn't. Some days later a random thought occurs to you. Was it actually feeding on your fear? Does it not come back because it no longer sees you as prey?

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