[WP] "Hey man, seeing ya after 5 years. How's life been?", "Just the same old, pal. Nothing much happened.", "Bro... I see you missing a hand and a leg.. your left eye is glowing green.. and your dog is constantly covered in BLUE flames... How in the world you feel nothing much happened?"

Xenon and Sora had known each other for thousands of years. They had met in NeoLumin, where they had fought side by side in countless battles against Tenebrae, a group of rogue programs and hackers. They were a formidable team, feared by their enemies and respected by their allies. Their bond was unbreakable, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

When Sora did not appear on Radar one morning, Xenon felt a hole in her heart.

For the next five years, Xenon searched high and low for Sora. She barely slept or ate, spending every waking moment searching for her friend. She even hired a team of Private LuMins to help her search the dark corners of the virtual world, but they came up empty-handed.

Xenon was starting to lose hope. She had no idea where Sora could be or if she was even alive. Her mind raced with all the worst-case scenarios.

On the fifth year, to the day, Xenon was sitting in a virtual café when she received a message from an unknown number. The message read, "Meet me at the Lumin Gardens, 8 PM sharp."

Xenon's mind raced as she read the message. She knew that she had to go, even though it could be a trap. Xenon arrived at the virtual park at 8 PM sharp, her heart pounding in her chest.

As she walked through the park, Xenon saw a figure sitting on a bench overlooking the virtual lake. It was Sora. Xenon ran up to her, tears streaming down her face.

"Sora, where have you been? I've been searching for years!" Xenon exclaimed.

She rushed to meet her friend, but when she saw her, she was shocked. Sora had changed. She had undergone extensive body modifications, including a missing hand and leg and a glowing left eye. An apparition of her once loyal companion, glowed next to her, covered in the infamous blue flame of death. Xenon didn't know what to make of it. She wondered if Sora had been part of a horrible experiment or if she had made the modifications herself.

Sora looked up at Xenon with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Xenon. I had to disappear for a while. I had to figure some things out," Sora said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Xenon hugged Sora tightly, feeling relieved that her friend was safe. "It's okay, Sora. I'm just glad you're back," she said, trying to comfort her friend.

Sora looked up at Xenon with a determined look in her eyes. "Xenon, I need your help. I need to figure out what happened to my memory. I think something's wrong with it," Sora said, her voice shaking.

Xenon nodded, determined to help her friend in any way she could. Together, they would uncover the truth behind Sora's missing memory and ensure that it wouldn't happen again.

Years passed and Xenon helped Sora cope with her loss of memory and learn to use her new body modifications. Though they searched for answers together, no leads panned out. They were both convinced a rogue offshoot of Tenebrae had carried out the abduction and attack.

Xenon and Sora were sitting in HoloBlend, sipping their drinks and chatting. Suddenly, Xenon decided to ask Sora a question that had been nagging at her for a while.

"So, Sora, can I ask you something?" Xenon said, twirling a strand of her neon pink hair around her finger.

"Sure, what is it?" Sora asked, looking up from her drink.

"I've noticed that you never talk about your memory. You always dodge the topic whenever it comes up," Xenon said, studying Sora's expression for any sign of discomfort.

Sora's face clouded over, and she looked away, her eyes focused on something across the room. "I don't really like talking about it," she said softly.

Xenon raised an eyebrow, feeling a pang of curiosity. "Is there something you're hiding, Sora?" she asked, her voice low.

Sora's eyes flicked back to Xenon, and for a moment, Xenon thought she saw a flash of fear in them. "No, of course not," Sora said quickly, her voice sounding forced.

Xenon's mind started to race with possibilities. What could Sora be hiding? Was it something to do with her past? Or maybe something she had done in the present?

Xenon decided to drop the topic for now, not wanting to make Sora feel uncomfortable. But as she continued to chat with Sora, Xenon couldn't help but wonder what secrets her friend was keeping from her.

Xenon couldn't shake off the feeling that something was wrong with Sora. She knew that her friend was keeping something from her, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. Xenon had known Sora for thousands of years, but lately, she felt like she was talking to a completely different person.

One day, Xenon stumbled upon a piece of information that would change everything.

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